Brian Patrick Bromberg is a composer and active freelance cellist whose music has been performed in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and New Zealand. He is currently living in Hong Kong where he performs with various chamber groups, teaches music, and writes the column 'Why you should learn this piece,' for The Hong Kong Cellist Society.  Brian runs ShanGORIL La Records, a music label that releases new music from around the world.

The composer grew up in Chicago, Illinois and attended Illinois State University where he studied with David Feurzeig, David Maslanka, and Sarah Hwang. Upon graduating, he was given the opportunity to study composition with Anthony Ritchie in Dunedin, New Zealand where he completed his master’s degree at the University of Otago.

Brian's compositional and listening interests run the full gamut of sound: from harsh noise music to top 40 pop hits to Javanese Gamelan. His music has been described as “...chill as a twilight joyride in your Cadillac.” Drawing from this wide variety of musical influences, Brian has written extensively for soloists, chamber groups, orchestra, and jazz groups. 



Otago University
School of Music, Dunedin, New Zealand
Master of Fine Arts in Cello Performance and Composition


Illinois State University
School of Music, Normal, IL, USA              
Bachelor of Arts in Music, Cello Performance and Music Composition